Helpful email marketing advice in response to “email introductions that don’t work”

Resources to guide you through the murky waters of email marketing.

4 min readAug 6, 2021


There are many useful and helpful articles that I enjoy reading on this platform. Occasionally, there are exceptions. Few prompt me to comment, but one recent article inspired me to the point that I felt the need to write about it.

Last week I came across a post titled “Nobody Reads Emails from Entrepreneurs That Begin with These 5 Phrases” by {name removed}. The articles delivered on the promise stated in the title. But two things bothered me about the article.

The first, there was no reference made to any research that resulted in these introductions being flagged as something that would not be read. So let’s assume this was based on the background, personal experience and education of the author.

Secondly, no suggestions were provided for email introductions that would be read, or get the attention of an entrepreneur. Many readers left comments to this effect. It was for this reason that I declined to give applause to the articles and did not add it to one of my reading lists.

Enter the follow-up article: “Entrepreneurs Who Get Responses to Their Emails Always Do This One Thing Right”.

I was expecting the article to answer the unanswered question frpom the first post. But, the answer to “What is a good introduction to an email” was, “There isn’t a best way to begin every cold email.

Ok. That was less than helpful.

The author’s advice:

I can teach you how to avoid that trap, but be warned: I can only explain the concept. It’s still your job, as the entrepreneur, to figure out the right words.

Fair enough. And probably very correct. But where do I start? What steps should I take? After reading both articles, I am still lost. And I don’t know the author well enough to trust that they know their topic yet or help me solve my problem.

Useful resources for Email Marketing that may help answer the question

Affiliate disclosure: The links below in the article are NOT affiliate links. The following is based entirely on my own personal experience.

Like you, I have been looking for answers to this topic for a long time. I am not a marketing guru or someone with a magical formula.

In my search for an answer, here is what I have found that has helped me.

Meera Kothand is a writer I have discovered recently via Amazon. Her books are written in a manner that is easy to understand with tips you can use immediately.

The best way to enjoy her books is to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited where you can then read her books with the cost being included with the membership.

The one book that I found useful for email marketing is “300 Email Marketing Tips”. She has many other books to help with developing your content, building your audience and your online influence.

Another helpful resource is the book “Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business” by Donald Miller and Dr. J.J. Peterson.

This book starts by helping you develop your website’s message to potential customers. But a little more than half way through the book, email marketing is addressed.

Now, I realize the email marketing approach being addressed in the book is targeted at emails sent to a list of subscribers. People who have opted into to your product and message.

With cold email marketing, you do not have the luxury of a pre-qualified audience.

But the advice given in the first half of the books deals with how to address peoples pain points, empathize with their issues, and provide them a solution to solve their problems.

This message can be used anywhere in your online marketing journey. Especially when creating an introduction to an email.

In summary

I grudgingly admit that I agree with the author to a small extent, that the responsibility is ours when determining the best introduction for our emails. But I was looking for a more constructive solution to my problem. I wanted to know the steps that I can take to get closer to “the answer”.

Hopefully the resources linked above will be of value in solving this mystery for you.

A “problem identified” along with a step-by-step solution is a great start to any blog post, Medium article or marketing email. And that solution should not be “Trust me, I know what I am talking about”. I need to be sold and understand the solution being sold to me.

UPDATE: I initially made the mistake of stating the author’s name and directing some of my comments at them directly. But I later decided this was not productive either. The author may be new to online writing and selling themselves. I remember when I was new, I could have used some help in those early years. So I have removed some of my criticism and hope the article can help others better craft their marketing message online.

Please comment below if you have other helpful resources that have heled you on your email marketing journey.




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